Twin City Tree Authority


Trees enrich our lives.  They are usually a homeowner’s delight and enjoyed by many others. They are a long-term investment so the care of trees is very important.  Throughout a tree's life, from young to old, evergreen or broadleaf, a care for a tree requires the basics, soil, water, air, and sun.  But often trees can become injured from storms or infestation or disease.  Who do you call when you need a tree expert?

Twin Cities Tree Authority (TCTA) is just what you need, an authority on trees in the Twin Cities.  These two guys, Clark Johnson and Slibe Hodge are owners of TCTA.  They are dedicated to the health and preservation of trees.  They have a passion about trees and take a hands-on approach of actually doing the work.  So, where do you start?

First you need an assessment from TCTA of your tree(s), yard, grounds, or woods.  There’s no charge for that, just an estimate to trim, or reshape, or remove whatever needs to be done with whatever range of equipment tailored for the job.  

Severe weather is often the cause of damaged trees, vulnerable whether from heavy snow and ice in the winter or heavy rains and high winds in the summer.   And nowadays infestation can come from a variety of things, Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt, and American Dutch Elm diseases.  And there is often the need in this area to control invasive shrubs and trees like Buckthorn and Prickly Ash.  It’s important to take action early to eradicate diseased and invasive trees.

Remember the next time you need a tree expert, whether a homeowner, HOA, property management company or business contact Twin Cities Tree Authority!


The Owners of Twin Cities Tree Authority

Clark W. Johnson

Is co-owner and tree climber and is a Certified Arborist (Arborist MN-4411A). He lives in Farmington, MN and can be contacted at 612-508- 8644.

Great customer service is definitely a top priority for us. Their trust in our work is fundamental.
— Clark Johnson

Slibe A. Hodge

Is co-owner and tree climber and has spent many years assessing and bidding tree projects. Slibe is also applying to become a Certified Arborist this coming year. He lives in Apple Valley, MN and can be contacted at 612-296- 4245

Most of our customers come from referrals. And we want them as long term satisfied customers.
— Slibe Hodge